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Pao Origins

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pao, or Pai (plural form) are part of the fungi-animal kingdom. they are birthed from mushroom spores. The first Pao was discovered in early 2021 in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. They are known to form inseparable bonds with those who care for them.
Their diet consists of decomposed fruits, vegetables, and dead plants. They also require water to survive. As part of their digestive cycle, the Pai excretes into the soil. This makes the soil extremely fertile and contributes to more extensive and stronger vegetation.

The leaf growing on top of their body is in fact a complex sensory processor. this helps identify health conditions. the greener the leaf the heathier the Pai. A leaf growing upwards indicates that the Pao is female. While the leaf growing downwards is a male.

While most of us are sleeping, the Pai are known to be active at night. Scientists believe that is this due to having some correlation with the moon.

After their discovery, Pai hunters scoured the world in hopes of hunting down the Pai for their unique and delicate taste, as well as value. Pao activists are working hard to ban hunting and have joined forces with l.e.a.f [leaders of environmental anomalies and freedom] in efforts to keep the Pai from becoming endangered.

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